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Office of Diversity Programs and Services

Office of Diversity Programs and Services

Past Events

Past Diversity Events

Diversity Game Night

The mission of the Diversity Game Night was to highlight the importance of cross-cultural, inter –cultural and interpersonal communication skills. Our goal is to give students and faculty members the tools and skills to have healthy relationships that will benefit them in the work place and personal aspects of their life through simulations and interactive games.

Dry Mouth

DPE wanted to help initiate a philanthropy to continue to feed the hungry in Columbus, and support the families and individuals living in poverty. DPE want to continue to make sure that people are active on campus in helping develop healthy class levels in their local community.

Orgullo Festival

The mission of Orgullo Festival was to raise awareness of Hispanic/Latin culture, by interactive activities. The vision of the event, was to make CSU students aware of Hispanic/Latin students in the Columbus community, increase tolerance, and discover in deep this culture.

Family Feud

The mission of this event was to raise money for the Cora Reid Greene Home for Children here in Columbus, GA. The purpose of the event was to get the campus involved in a fun event while also giving back at the same time.

Volleyball Showdown

The mission of the Collegiate Volleyball Showdown was to raise awareness about Leukemia and Lymphoma as well as to get CSU students to participate in a volleyball match with one another.